Thursday, September 27, 2018

Goals and apology . . .

Before I get to my goals, I have to apologize. Over the past year or more I have gotten extremely busy. With projects, family, church obligations, etc. Everyone does. 

In an effort to keep up with everything, I've let me emails go. Blogs I didn't read, comments I read but didn't take the time to answer. 

I've spent the last several days going through old emails and deleting them. I didn't answer any personal comments you left on my blog. I did read them. Honest. I just didn't take the time to respond. 

Please know that your comments are very important and I try really hard to respond personally to each and every one of them. That's how important they are to me. 

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my blogs and leave those comments. I look forward to your blogs and all the creativity you share with us. 

Going forward you can expect responses from me, as long as I have a way to respond to your comments. Please don't hold this against me. I know we all get busy and I have tried to streamline my responsibilities so that I am able to keep up.  Thank you for understanding.

So my goals,

1. Finish Bible study questions. mostly, yes. I'm ready for class today.  :) 

2. House quilt - spend at least 30 mins today doing the hand quilting. no, i didn't get there. Maybe today.

3. Work on BOMs
-Starry Bright done, including sandwich and quilt, and add to the row.

-Fall into a Quilt  not yet

4. Work on Crazy Quilt project not here either

5. Sweet Land of Liberty
- if I have time, I'll cut out the first block these last two are looking more like Friday or Saturday

6. Cheri Payne Memory QAL
- again, if I have time, I'll cut out the first block

I did work on my leader/ender quilt and making good progress there.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with kindness.

Verse of the day:

Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believesin me will never be thirsty".

John 6:35


Allie said...

Sweetheart, we all get busy, we all let things go. Don't worry about it. I've had to do the same. Sometimes I don't turn my computer on for gets in the way, and that's just fine with me. No guilt, no shame dear heart. Glad you had a lovely visit with Susan!

Susan said...

Yes, I am trying to catch up about 15 along with keeping up with new comments, but it isn't always possible. Don't worry about it. Your starry bright looks fabulous! My turkey is 3/4 finished. It isn't hard, it just takes a clear head to follow the excellent directions Karen gave us. She lays things out simply and logically, and has cutting charts that make it so easy, as well as piecing charts that do the same. I wish all patterns had cutting charts like hers, I might actually be able to cut entire quilts out and not forget what I'm doing by the end of the cutting! LOL

Kathy Reeves said...

No worries, Edi!