Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Art of Gentle Domesticity

This week's topic and discussion is on books. I love books.

Cook Books
Books on Crafting
Crime Drama

I'll be honest, I typically read just for pleasure. I will hold a book and read it, I will read a book on my kindle and I rarely go without one in my car. I love audio books and found they are a quick way to read lots of books.

I never used to, but these days I have several books in progress and I know what's going on in each of them. These days, I rarely just sit down to read although I should probably change that because I do enjoy it.

What book have you read in the past which still holds an emotional connection for you? In what way?

Mr. Popper's Penguins

This is the only book I remember reading in elementary school and all these many years later it still brings me joy. It's happy, it's funny. And why shouldn't a book be those things? 


This series of books revolves around four women who have been friends since childhood and grow up to run a full service wedding planning service and each one brings a different specialty to the business. But mostly the books are about friendship and a sisterhood. They are close, supportive, hold each other accountable and have a special bond. They are definitely feel good reads.

Another feel good read. This series, Chesepeake Shores,of books encompasses the O'Brien Family. It covers several generations beginning with the family matriarch, the grandmother who immigrated from Ireland. Strong family values is the overall theme.

Can you suggest any novels which nurture a 'domestic' culture?

Of my favorites, I would choose the Chesepeake Shores series. The grandmother is throughout the entire series. She's strong, loving and domestic. She cooks, bakes and gardens well into her 80s. She nurtures and encourages an extended family down to great grandchildren. She takes time and spends time with all of them and holds family time sacred and no excuse is good enough to miss Sunday dinner. She teaches each of them a family recipe that becomes their specialty as she hands the recipes down to just them.

Has today's study inspired you to read any of the titles Jane has listed as her read and re-read favourites?

Honestly, I hadn't read any of the books Jane listed. So I'm curious about all of them and have taken steps to get them and read them. One was only available on Kindle and was free of charge. Only a couple were still available at the library and the rest I could purchase on Amazon. I'm waiting for the first one to arrive at the end of the week.

The one that has me the most intrigued is Mrs. Miniver.

I did not know the movie was based on a book!! I was disappointed by Jane's opinion of the movie because it was one of my all time favorite movies. I know from my own experiences, that books are always better than the movie. Most of the time though, I think the movies are ok, better than ok.

Why Mrs. Miniver, the movie is so special to me is because it is a movie that I watched as a girl with my mom. We would sit Sunday afternoons, after our mid-day meal and clean up, and watch movies. All kinds of movies but usually older swashbucklers, or romances or Mrs. Miniver.

I don't expect reading the book will change my mind about how much I love the movie, but maybe it will give me a new appreciation for it.

NEXT WEEK we’ll be studying pages 34-43, hope you can join us.

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Susan said...

I loved reading your book choices. I need to do this before I forget and can't get on the linky again. LOL I think I know how you feel about Mrs. Miniver. My daddy only ever took me to two movies - The King and I and Lady and the Tramp. To this day, those movies are special to me. Today, there is a lot of criticism of Anna, who was a real person and who did go to Siam and teach the king's children. It doesn't matter to me, that was a special even with my daddy, and I will always treasure the movie. I don't think anyone can criticism Lady and the Tramp. LOL That was a love story before I knew what romances were.

Nora Roberts is an excellent writer and I've read many of her books, though I do wind up skipping certain parts. Her Eve Dallas detective series is a favorite of mine, too, and I think there are over 50 of them. No one would mistake them for domestic culture books, though. =)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Edi, I feel the same way about Mrs Miniver. LOVE the movies (there is a sequel as well) but I must admit my heart is very much wanting to read the book now as well.

Chesapeake daughter encouraged me to watch the series on Netflix but I could not get past all the make-up the women wear, including the grandmother. It creates such a false world.
So I'm assuming the books are far superior? I did not realise the series was based on books.