Monday, July 15, 2019

What a Wonderfully, Productive Weekend

It was a gorgeous, weekend. Sunshine, low to no humidity. No real requirements on my part. Laundry was done, meals were simple and leftovers. That meant I had lots of time to sew !!! My most favorite pastime :)


I made a pink baby quilt to go along with the blue car baby quilt last week. I am again in love with it. All the fabric except the brown and flannel back were donated/gifted to me. No purchases were made for this one. Everything else came from my stash including the batting.


And the leftover bits from the baby quilt made a doll quilt. How cute is this? Can you tell I was having a fun time in the sewing room?

Another finish . . . Block 1 of Betsy's Closet. The linen was a little challenging to stitch, but I managed. I added the sweet floral button to the pocket to add some interest and dimension.
This pattern is still available if you are interested.

And I finished block 1 of Vintage Kitchen. This one is a free one from Jenny.
Follow the link to get yours, if you haven't already.

And we've reached a milestone !!!


August, 2018
This sweet little ball of fluff is a year old !!!

July, 2019

And they do get along, occasionally :)

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I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Psalms 119:11 NIVUK


Allie said...

Cute quilts, lovely stitching and happy birthday to the pup!!!!!

Susan said...

A year! It doesn't seem possible, but of course it is. =) Looking so grown up now. I hadn't seen Betsy's block with the whole linen napkin, and I like it. The pocket button is a great addition.