Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Goals for March, 2023

 These are the goals for the month. I'm starting a bit late because February rolled over into the first week of March.


PLQS BOM - quilt and bind

2. Daisy Days #4 and #5

#4 was finished during the past week :)

 3. Hedge Hugs #3

- draw off the applique pieces and cut them out

Hedge Hugs #2

- sandwich and quilt, bind


4. Baby Quilt - SAHRR

I found a panel in one of my boxes and will be making it into a baby quilt.


5. Misc. Easter projects.

I've collected some patterns and small projects in the last year and I want to get those done.


6. Sister time

- My sister's birthday is next weekend, hoping we get to do something fun to celebrate.

- continue working on bowl fillers.


Smaller list this month. This should make goals more doable. I'm starting to plan too many things and getting frustrated because I don't have as much time as I think I do to get things done. Not to mention, my space is getting more than a little messy !!


Have a good, productive week.

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Susan said...

A creative mind is not a tidy mind ... most of the time! LOL Great goals, and with the finishes you posted, and near finishes, it makes a good place to back off a little. You are sill getting a lot done, and so is your sister. Please wish her HBD for me, and you two at least have a nice lunch - if weather permits, a picnic would be great, and inexpensive. If not ... a picnic in front of the fire? Those are such fun!