Tuesday, March 14, 2023

March 2023 - Goals Progress


PLQS BOM - quilt and bind - Not started yet.

2. Daisy Days #4 and #5

#4 was finished during the first week :) 

#5 is in progress.

 3. Hedge Hugs #3

- draw off the applique pieces and cut them out DONE

Hedge Hugs #2

- sandwich and quilt, bind


4. Baby Quilt - SAHRR

I found a panel in one of my boxes and will be making it into a baby quilt.


5. Misc. Easter projects. on going, nothing new done yet.

I've collected some patterns and small projects in the last year and I want to get those done.


6. Sister time YES !!

- My sister's birthday is next weekend, hoping we get to do something fun to celebrate.

Sue Spargo Shop

Anna Louisa shop display

Anna Louisa wool room.

We took time to visit our two favorite shops. A quick lunch and the afternoon spent stitching on a new spring bowl filler.


- continue working on bowl fillers. YES

Decorated fabric eggs.

Most recent bowl filler was this little bird.



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Susan said...

Happy birthday to P! What fun to spend time shopping together at favorite places, and to enjoy lunch and good company, plus an afternoon of stitching cute things.