Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Scrap Happy - March 2023

Scrap Happy is a group I joined to help encourage the use of scraps from our stash and to encourage each other to use what we have. I find that relatively easy to do as I'm trying not to add any unnecessary purchases to my stash. As I sit and write this, I'm looking at my stash and seeing lots of older, tired fabrics that just need to be used up or destashed. Most of the pieces are less than a yard.


So what scrappy goodness did I manage in the last month?

 Let's see . . . 


Spring Bowl Fillers.

How adorable are these?

These projects are being done with my sister. We are both enjoying the creative process of deciding how to decorate each of these.

Bits and pieces of cottons and wools, embroidery and beads, ribbons and lace.

Tiny Houses Quilt

Each block is a different month. The scrapiness comes from the sashing around each block, each one coordinating with the these for that month.


SAHRR - Stay at Home Round Robin

What a great use of scraps. The center block was gifted from Moira. That block then determined how I would complete each "round". I made it baby quilt size.

Hedge Hugs #2 Baby Quilt

Another great use of scraps. I decided this year to make each block the focal point of the baby quilt. Much easier than quilting a large quilt at the end of the year. With twelve blocks, I will potentially have twelve donation quilts at year's end.

I decided on a simple, favorite block, the nine patch. I have a pretty good collection of juvenile prints and decided on a variety since there isn't enough of any given fabrics for a whole quilt.

Dinklemaus pin cushions.

These were supposed to be heating pads, but not what I wanted. So I cut the pattern down and made pin cushions. They are still a little bigger than I wanted, but cute none the less. These will go in the gift bin for future use.

 Thank you Kate for hostessing.

You can find a list of the other participants at the link.



Susan said...

What fun every single project is. I love your use of scraps, and how you adapt things that aren't working for the original purpose. The nine patches are a perfect companion to the Hedge Hugs block, too, and look wonderful in their scrappy surround. I know the bowl fillers are just plain fun, especially with your sister.

Karrin Hurd said...

Lots of good scrap use, and you have gotten so much done!

Unknown said...

Great scrappy things! Love the carrots!