Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3/26/14 - Wednesday

Are you a goal-oriented person? 
 I never thought I was but this month has proved differently. I was more motivated to make a list of craft goals that I wanted to accomplish this month. My inspiration came from here.
Sara gave me a reason to spend more time with my sewing machine. I spent more time than I usually do. My sewing machine and crafting supplies are in the basement of my home. It's dark, even though Honey Do put the requested work light over my sewing table, it's damp and cold. It's away from everyone in the house - which on some occasions is a really good thing.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would have liked. I even made a chart to track my time, but gave it up after week two because I wasn't able to actually sit at the machine.

I had 11 things on my March goal list. I've got a little more than half done. I knew it was an ambitious list, but I really REALLY wanted to get all these things done. I'm not disappointed in what I have accomplished and there are still a few days until the end of the month, so I'm not giving up yet.

I also had a very sweet reminder that it's not about quantity. It's about quality and if I'm not enjoying what I'm doing then why bother with a list. I can say that I do enjoy what I'm doing. I'm relishing in the accomplishments and the list has helped me stay focused. I've managed to stay on task for the most part. That doesn't usually happen. I get excited about the next new project and the current on is set aside in favor of  the new projects only to be added eventually to the UFO stack. That's growing on it's own as I discover "new" UFOs in my numerous boxes and bins. I'll get to those eventually. But that's another list . . . for another day.

I managed to spend a good portion of my day working on Bethlehem. Specifically, the trombone player. I finished the sax player yesterday.

All I have left on the trombone player is his wings.

Here's a close up of his hair. I'm so excited with this guy I could squeal. He just makes me happy.

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Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Your musician block is looking GREAT! I love that quilt. Don't know why I didn't decide to do it. Couldn't find the middle block, for one thing, by the time I saw the quilt. And then there's that whole over-goaled thing going on. =)

e said...

I struggled to get the first block also. I did manage with the help of a Blog-friend and the designer. I'm so glad I did. It will be well worth the trouble. So excited with my progress.