Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/29/14 - Saturday

My day has been busy with laundry. Honey Do is taking Monday off work, so I want to make sure I don't have any chores waiting for me.  I've also watched the rain turn to snow. The forecast is for six inches this afternoon and another two over-night. It really is the winter that never wants to end.

Yesterday, Newton and I took a little time between appointments to work on the sorting, purging and organizing the attic. This is one of my least favorite projects and was supposed to be completed last summer. However, when my father-in-law said he wasn't coming for a visit I had the perfect excuse not to complete it. You see, the guest room is upstairs with the attic. And when we had the house insulated, everything had to come out of the attic and was housed in the guest room. I received a phone call from a worthwhile organization asking for donations of household goods and clothing. Another good excuse to get this job done. I've also been unable to decorate seasonally as I usually do. I've managed to dispose of some things, donate, put Christmas and winter decorations away and bring out spring and Easter.
The large bunny (behind the lamb) was a gift made for me several years ago by BFF. Isn't she beautiful?
The floral arrangement in the center is a project Sister and I worked on together.
It's a good thing to surround yourself with creative people :)

I found this little cutey the other day at my local craft store when I went to get a skein of floss. It has the poem attached to it. I just had to have it.

And these eggs are decopaged wood that my mother-in-law made. I'm so glad they were left for me. I just love them and wish I had more.

It may be snowing outside, but inside, I've moved on to the next season. I also discovered some crocuses getting ready to bloom. The gorgeous dark yellow buds were peaking through the snow and I noticed that the birds were extremely busy today. So regardless of what our weather is doing, spring keeps peeking through.

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