Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How do you spend your Mondays?

After a weekend of everyone being home, and this was a three day for both my guys, I look forward to Monday for quiet "me" time. "Me" time has many definitions: time to do whatever I want; time to get caught up on chores and/or errands; time to catch up with friends and encourage each other.

I'm trying to change my routine - not that I really have a routine. I pretty much just do what my mood dictates. I want to get back to cleaning house on Mondays, throw in a load of laundry or two. Tuesdays I want to finish my laundry and start my sewing. Wednesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for Mom and BFF, but only every other week. On the "other" weeks, I will do yard work and sewing - depending on the weather. Fridays, I will do my grocery shopping and giving the house a thorough once over for the weekend.

So that's how I spent this Monday. I changed sheets, dusted, swept floors, did some laundry, took out trash. Surprisingly, things were pretty much done by 11 a.m. I started about 8 and just kept moving. It feels really good to have things clean and put away.
This is how Nina helps :)

Once my cleaning was done, I could move on to my stitching.

These are the remaining blocks for the first row of this quilt. Because we had a long, relaxing weekend, I could get alot of stitching done.
First row - done :)

Here are some detail shots. I've chosen to do the blanket stitch for appliquing the pieces to the backgrounds.

I'm finally making progress on the Quilt Doodles BOM. I have the first four blocks of this strip done. I have a lot of work to do on my accuracy, but to be perfectly honest, I couldn't make myself tear all this out to fix the obvious issues.

This is my very first real attempt at machine piecing so I'm plugging along and will learn as I go. Maybe I'll put snowflake buttons over the obvious problem areas. This will be a wall hanging after all, so I can embellish as much as I would like. And it might be kind of cute :)

Tuesday was less productive. I started my day by calling my cell phone provider to fix a problem with my emails. Once that was taken care of I went to the library, grocery store for dinner supplies and came home to nap. Once I got back up I still wasn't very motivated. I did some stitching on the Tilda quilt blocks.

On one of our trips outside, I checked out my blooming bulbs.

They look pretty good for having coming through that day of snow last week. I'm glad to see them. They make Tuesday's rain and overcast skies a little more bearable.
These grey skies are hanging over Lake Erie, about 10 miles north of my home. It was wet and chilly all day. Temperatures dropped into the low 50s, still warmer than it has been. So no complaints.

When I wasn't stitching today, I was purusing through my new Tilda book. So many projects, so little time.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

What a lot of things to do each week. Very organized. The only thing that is the same for me every week (and sometimes I don't do other things ANY day of the week!) is laundry. That's always Monday, and I also take out the trash that's gathered over the week, in all the little cans in the house. I love your houses. So cute!

Wendyb said...

you are one busy chicky!!!! My Mondays are thrown out of whack lately.......and I'm really trying hard to get into some sort of routine....I'm missing it!!!! Nina looks like such a 'great' help!!! LOL Is'nt it funny how they can get comfortable in the most awkward looking positions??? Love all you've been up to....despite not being in contact as much, I sneak in for a peek whenever I can....now I'm home for a couple of days, I'm able to 'talk'!!!! Missing you lots
sugary sweet hugs my lovely friend!!! xoxoxox :o)

e said...

Organized is the key word - it's great in theory, just doesn't always work. But it's a goal I strive toward. That pesky laundry, always behind, isn't it. Thanks for loving those little houses, this is going to be a fun little quilt.

e said...

Yes I am :) and I'm happiest that way. But then you know what it's like to be there :) Routine seems to be the only way to keep on track. Nina was in such an odd position, I just had to snap that picture. I prayed she wouldn't move before I did :) I miss so many good shots b/c she won't sit still. But then she's only 6 months old, what can I expect. So glad you get to pop in ocassionally. Miss our gab sessions and looking forward to the next one. But it will wait until things are settled with "Dad". xoxoxoxo to you too, my sweet friend.