Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend update . . Monday off and running

I love my weekends when the things I planned actually get accomplished. My plans and accomplishments lined up this weekend.

I finished the Tilda house I'd been working on for the last couple of days.

I started the snowman block, this is number two in a series that BFF and I are working on together.

I worked on my Quilt Doodle mystery quilt. Block one is finally done !!!
It's not perfect, but I'll get better as I go and get more comfortable doing the piecing.

I worked on the rag rug. I found this pattern on Pinterest as a no-sew project, but I didn't like that method so as I got time on my sewing machine I would sew the strips together and drop them in a bin.

Saturday I decided I had enough "yarn" to start crocheting on the fabric rag rug and made some good progress on it. I have to make more "yarn" before I can continue.
I'm always amazed how randomly used strips of fabrics can make something pretty. The color variation is working out perfectly.

Mom came for a visit on Sunday. She usually brings something to work on while we visit and chat. She forgot this time. I started this rug in January and have kept busy with other projects so I hadn't gotten back to it. 
Mom finished it for me except for the binding all the way around which I finished after she left :)

Mom needed some yarn for a friend who is making dish cloths and hot pads for a bridal shower and this little rug reminded her, so we ran to my favorite local craft shop and got some. I found this beautiful variegated cotton and started another bath rug. These colors will match BFF's bathroom so it will be a birthday or Christmas gift.
Mom showed me the pattern, it's called a waffle pattern. Quick, easy, pretty. Can't go wrong.

And finally, I picked up some silk flowers at the same shop.
Mom made this beauty years ago (she thought 30+) for a home-based party company that sold stitchery kits. This was one of her samples and was given to me several months ago. I washed it and have been wanting to hang it up. I'm very pleased with the arrangement and will get it up in the next day or so.

Monday morning came around extremely early - 4:30 a.m. Honey Do had a business trip planned for the day and left about 5:30 a.m. I tried to lay back down because I had a headache, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I was back up at 6 and Newton was up and getting ready for school.

Once I had the house to myself, I started laundry and hit my craft room.  I began by sewing more strips together to make yarn for the rag rug.

Then I cut out and started sewing the second block from the Quilt Doodle mystery quilt.
I am amazed at how quickly this block is going together. This is a cabin. I should be able to put the roof on and finish the sky tomorrow.

So how productive was your weekend and Monday? We are expecting rain all week, so I won't be sharing my time with the garden and yard. Looking forward to a very productive week.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Your tilda house is *adorable*!

e said...

thank you. it's a lot more work than I anticipated, but I'm enjoying it :)