Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday morning

dawned beautifully.

This gorgeous orb hangs in my kitchen window. On sunny days like today it's stunning. I have this beauty to keep my motivated while cleaning up my kitchen after breakfast. It was a Christmas gift a number of years ago from an attorney I worked with.

I found this sweet little rebel in my yard this week. Yellow is such a happy color.

These miniature daffodils, I think they are called Rumple Stilskins, greeted me from my flower beds. It was a pleasant surprise to find them blooming. It's hard to believe we're expecting snow again on Tuesday. Spring in northeast Ohio is always an adventure :)

My tulips are struggling to survive all the bunnies in the neighborhood. Could be deer too. The dogs and I encounter them on many 5 a.m. nature calls.

An old leaking bird bath makes a great feeder for the birds and squirrels. Is it any wonder that I have any flowers in my yard?

I spent the rest of my day working on my Bethlehem block.

This one went really fast. I only have a little bit left to do on the donkey and Mary and this block is done.

I also rummaged around for some linen and a pattern. I have an idea for a new top for me to where. I should probably try making it out of something else before I cut into the linen, since I haven't used the pattern before. Do you do that? make a sample first before using the selected fabric? It's how I was taught, but I have to admit I rarely put that knowledge into practice.

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Wishing you a creative day.

Image taken from Check her out :)


Anonymous said...

Love your last picture! Story of my life, too. =) Your idea about the birdbath is great! Now I'm going to be looking out for a cracked something at the shop that sells them here. =) My tulips are looking good, so I guess there are no bunnies in my woods. I know there were raccoons the last two years, but I hope they don't come back! Love your Bethlehem block, that was really fast!

e said...

The birdbath was one my in-laws left and never disposed of, and becuase it's heavy concreate, I didn't either. The thought came to me over the fall/winter when I was cleaning up the backyard from a tree we had to take down (before it came down on it's own). I've moved it closer to the house and we use it to put left over seed from the birds in the house.
Tulips - I think these may be my minis because if you look closely, you can see buds inside. So here's hoping. They'll bloom by the end of the month - we're expecting snow again this week !!