Sunday, June 15, 2014

Home stretch, it's almost done . . .

NOT :( 

I've been working really hard, diligently to get these two blocks for Little Stitches done this month.

I am not in the process of removing all the stitches in the pinwheel block . . .

The first pair in the top row are perfect . . . 

except they are down a row . . . 

and that has throw this pinwheel off :(

Can you see my mistake? 

I could. Oh well, that will teach me to try and work ahead and not pay enough attention.

* * * * * 

Honey Do very generously suggested we get a new fire pit. We have a clay chimera, but it doesn't put out enough heat all the way around - only at the opening. I went to the garden center big box store and found this beauty and we spent Saturday evening sitting around the fire enjoying the outdoors.

The weather this week promises to be hot and humid. The temperatures in the upper 80s with matching humidity. I'm afraid the A/C will be employed in the next day or two.

To that end, Honey Do also did the cooking for the next few days. I have plans with BFF for a sewing day on Monday. So the advanced planning will make the heat a little more bearable.

* * * * *

Today was Father's Day. We celebrated simply, but Honey Do greatly appreciated the gifts and the efforts in his honor.

I found the idea for this adorable "card" on FaceBook. Newton helped me gather the treats at a favorite "candy store" that specializes in novelty candy, many I remember from my youth and it's always fun to shop and reminisce about days gone by.

* * * * *
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Wishing you a creative day.


Wendyb said...

I LOVE your blocks and yes, I can relate....I did that with my third block and had to unpick all the stitches :( (but it was worth it in the end) You've reminded me to catch up on my two blocks...your's look magnificent.
We could do with a chimera right and wet today...I'm even shivering!! LOL
Love the Father's Day Idea....I saw it on FB're so clever! have fun at your sewing day...I'll be there with you in spirit! xox sugary sweet ones :o)

e said...

As always, so supportive :) I've unpicked the block and started it again. I know I will be much happier for having done it properly and not try to fudge it. We had a great time - although it was short. We try to get together as often as time, responsibilties and budgets allow. That father's day idea would make a great birthday card too, don't you thing? Love and missing you <3