Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Break Time

It's been an extremely busy few weeks. Sewing, illness, appointments, home.
Because I procrastinated on my Christmas sewing, it has taken every spare minute I can pull out. 
I'm very happy to report it is all done :)

All the appointments are done until after the New Year begins. Honey Do is on the mend. So today and tomorrow will allow me to take care of my own and play a little catch up with neglected household chores.

To that end, Newton and I spent the majority of Tuesday cleaning and rearranging some furnishings. We are very happy with the end results.

This little vignette was a 55-gallong fish tank and dog crate. I made the pillow over a year ago. It is Winter by Crabapple Hill.

This vinette was a sleeper sofa that had seen better days. The lazyboy chair has also, but I'm not ready to part with it and am contemplating even reapholstering it. The three drawer chest was in my childhood bedroom. Mom found a pair of them at a yard sale and refinished them. They were gifted to my sister and myself when we moved to our own homes. It holds odds and ends of stitchery supplies - must keep them at the ready :)

Next year will see carpets cleaned and walls and ceilings painted, but this will get us through the holiday.

Princess Nina - relaxing on her clean pallet.

Yeah, she worked that hard right along side us. She's one tired pup.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

My wish and prayer is that you all have a blessed and merry Christmas 
and a safe and healthy new year.

Merry Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Love the Charlie Brown! You and Newton did a good job of remodeling your space. I hope you find some time to relax now!