Thursday, December 11, 2014

Play Day :)

It's been about two months since BFF and I were able to get together for some much needed friendship and fellowship time. Today was that day !!!

And I made out like a bandit :)

We did our Christmas gift exchange. This doesn't usually occur until January or February . . . depending on the weather. But we were both ready :)

Her gifts encouraged me to do some decorating/re-decorating when I got home. The quilted table runner is now on my mantel. She made it for me in my absolute favorite shades of blue - from ice to light navy :) What a happy girl I am. 

The "blue" bear is "Jack Frost" and a gift from Honey Do several years ago.

Isn't it gorgeous?  :)

The lead crystal vase was a piece BFF's husband found at an estate sale. She knows how much I love vintage, antique wares. This is a very heavy piece and I absolutely love it. 

I thanked her for knowing me so well. We both did a fabulous job of picking our gifts for each other and knowing each other so well. As similar as we are, we are different and we both hit the mark. 

There are more gifts that I'll share because they are so beautiful and I am so excited by them, just need to photos.

This little gadget has been holding my attention the last few days :) I have had my Kindle for a number of years. I really wanted it to take with me when I travelled with Honey Do. These little gadgets hold a lot of books. I've downloaded a Bible, dictionary, books, recipe books, even a caledar/date book. But I never really got into it. I love listening to audio-books and holding a book and turning its pages. This particular story was only available as an e-book and I wanted it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the convenience of the e-reader. And it's been quite a while since a book has held my attention :)

Friday, back to working on my projects. Newton is home from school since the teachers have an in-service day. So we'll see what we can work on together :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

So what book is it? =) I use my kindle a lot, but I also get a lot of real books from the library, as well as audio books. Looks like you had a great day with your BFF, and the gifts are lovely, but I'm guessing the time together was the best part.