Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to me :)

My sweet husband brought these gorgeous beauties home for me today. The sneak, called me on his way home as he usually does, but he was getting roses for me. I am so in love with this man !!!! :)
I've enjoyed his company and love for the last 15 years. I think I will keep him.


The mailman brought me a swap block today. The pictures don't do it justice.

* * * * * 

Snuggling with my pups. . .  or were they snuggling with me :)

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Wendyb said...

You sneaky girl....I didn't know it was your birthday coming up?! Happy happy birthday hon.....hope it was a terrific'ly blessed one.
xoxoxoxoxo big sugary birthday hugs

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color those roses are! Mr. Keeper Guy. =) Love your swapped block.