Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas, 2015 . . .

There's really no way to get around the gifts, is there? I mean unless you actually chuck the whole commercialism and avoid the gift giving. But I really go enjoy the giving (and let's be honest, the receiving) of gifts.

I've learned in the past few years, that I've become such a procrastinator. It's a personality trait that I really don't like. I don't just put off things I don't like doing, I'm not that discriminating. I put off most things.

To that end, I'm already thinking about Christmas, 2015 and planning my crafting calendar. There is already talk and supply lists for blocks of the month . 

I found this one on Facebook and loved the name:
BFF and I are doing this one together. It sounds fun and look how bright the colors are :)

I've found quite a few considerations on Pinterest.



These are just a few. Towels and candles will be going on clearance in January, so taking advantage of sales will give a just start on the crafts and keep the gifts budget friendly. 

Since the nieces are grown and have their own homes, to keep gifts organized, I have copy paper boxes that Honey Do brings home from work with each families' name on it. When the gift is completed, it goes in the box. Makes it much easier to inventory and keep track of progress.

So, it's not to early to start planning and if the budget allows to start making some of those smaller items that are craftable. I know I will be :)

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dq said...

Those fabrics for your Pat Sloan Mystery are GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are doing the kinds of things I've been doing. =) The Pat Sloan is on my list, but I'm still narrowing it down, so I don't know if I'll be doing it with you or not. =)