Thursday, December 4, 2014

Productivity . . .

. . . or lack thereof . . .

It has been a less than productive week and pretty frustrating. I'm feeling like I'm starting my week behind.


Patterns for this month's quilt blocks have only gotten as far as being printed off.

Christmas tree ornaments for Sunday School - almost ready.

Christmas gifts, selected, supplies purchased, waiting to be assembled.

This month's swaps, waiting to be mailed.

Bethlehem Block 10, I finally have the first shepherd done, but still not even half done.

Chocolate chip cookies ready for the oven.

Christmas is three weeks away. There's lots to be done. Time to get things moving in a more productive direction. Without rushing, I'm looking to January to make plans for next year, so that the holiday season is less stressful and costly.

Thank you for stopping by,

Wishing you a productive, creative day :)


Melody said...

Looks like you have been very busy and have achieved a lot.

dq said...

The way I see it, it is normal and ok to be behind in December.

Anonymous said...

It's December. Take the pressure off by admitting that only so much can be done in the time available. Let the mailings wait, for instance. Do only what you have to do and can do, and then if there's time, you can add something in, but don't push it too hard. You want to enjoy this time, too! Keep saying, "I am not responsible for everyone's happiness." =)