Tuesday, August 25, 2015


My approach at de-cluttering and reorganizing my space and supplies.

I'm really, in my heart of hearts, not a messy or dirty person. However I wouldn't be able to prove that if you saw my "sewing" space. In fact, it's so bad I'm not even going to take a picture to show you. Maybe later, after my goal is accomplished.

In order to achieve my goal, I am "picking a pile" everyday to be dealt with. It has to be used, put away properly or goes away. I am only allowing myself to touch it once and make a decision.

So my first "pile" are these 5" squares and strips that I acquired from a swap partner. Originally I wanted to keep them whole, but since it's been almost a year I thought it was time to deal with this "pile".

Seeing as they are 5" square and I need 2 1/2" squares for my nine patches it was the perfect solution to eliminate a "pile".

I set about cutting them apart. There were also strips of fabric and after straightening them I cut them down into the largest pieces I could and they will become blocks for scrap quilts that will either be gifted or donated. They are also the perfect leaders and enders to be done in between other projects taking the monotony out of assembly. 

I sorted the sizes and marked the bags.

I confiscated this box from the new shoes Newton got from school to keep the bags in and readily available near my sewing machine.

Neat, organized and one pile done :)

I have the first border on the first block of the Friends BOF stitched. I LOVE the border. It just adds a very nice finish to the block and I'm not sorry I'm taking the extra step and time to do this. My goal for this project is to have it finished by the end of the month before the next row patterns and Vintage Kitchen are published. The beginning of the month is going to be extremely busy and September will also include the addition of Bible study.

August has been very busy and productive and I have felt better about life than I have most of the summer. School started Monday and BF and I met for some glorious friendship time. We are celebrating the end of summer, beginning of school and just being friends.

We shared our accomplishments over the last few weeks and decided on our next project.

Aren't the ants adorable?

As you can see, I was missed, but isn't it a good feeling to be loved?

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Melody said...

Well done with your sorting. I need to adopt your method and deal with my sewing room. Aren't dogs so sweet?