Saturday, August 15, 2015

Singing praises

This was my morning wake up :)

Isn't it gorgeous?

Every time I see a sky like this I really feel God's presence. That doesn't mean He isn't there everyday, it just means that I personally, consciously feel Him. That's my problem, not His. But this definitely grabs my focus and attention.

This was Wednesday's progress. Thursday I finished the row.


These are a couple of the birds. The one with the stitchery on it is from another project that didn't quite work. Friday was spent with Honey Do and Newton. Honey Do took the day off work :)
We went grocery shopping !!!
Now that sounds like a boring way to spend time, but let me tell you how much fun we have at looking at different  foods and different uses. 
Honey Do found soft shell crab - he was in heaven !!!
He tends to plan the menu as he shops. I personally appreciate the help.
We have different shopping styles, so it really is a big help.
We also enjoy sampling - although there weren't many of those.

Once the shopping was done, we went to lunch. Newton didn't want to go with us and asked to be dropped off at the library. He meets and makes friends and plays video and computer games. The library is set up so that it's a fun place for the kids to meet and hand out. They also have board games and sometimes crafts for the kids to do. Children and teens have their own spaces, so it makes it pretty special for them. AND it's seperate from the adults.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a new Japanese buffet. Honey Do loves sea food and sushi, so this makes a perfect place for him to enjoy a meal out. And the variety is such that I always find things that I enjoy as well.

Friday evening and most of Saturday was spent working on Sunbonnet Sue. 

There are three sets of this unit. I'm spending Saturday evening working on embellishing the units before I sew them together. Once that's done, the row is completed and I can move on to the next project.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

Very productive! I really like the birdhouses.

Catherine said...

The birdhouses are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics on your birdhouses. The Sue row is looking good, too. Your day with family sounds wonderful. I can't imagine a teenager who turns down food!

I love days when the sun shines in rays through the clouds. I know what you mean - there's something that's just spiritual about that. Maybe that's the fault of all those Renaissance painters, but I don't care, because it gives me that special moment of awe to share with God.