Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Some progress and a new project

First of all, my laptop is working - - - happy dance, happy dance, HUGE sigh of relief !!!!
I have never made a secret of not being very tech-savvy. I'm not, never was, never will be. Honestly, I know just enough to get me in trouble on a fairly regular basis. Anyway, I'm back in business :)

I spent my Tuesday morning with BF. We have decided to work on a new project together. Normally, we do the same projects, just not always at the same time. This one we got together for, sharing fabrics and ideas and cutting out our supplies.

With these colors and prints, how could it be anything but fun? I have a few other obligations before I can do any more than what we've done so far, but I'm hoping in the next week to start putting things together.

We have been blessed with incredibly beautiful days in the past week. Some have been extremely warm, but gorgeous none the less.


I've been blessed with some beautiful summer flowers. Just when I don't think I'll see another bloom until next spring, I take a walk in the yard and low and behold the blessings abound.

Even some fuzzy visitors have located my blooms.


Rocky is enjoying the less humid and cooler days as well. There is nothing like a good run through the grass . . .

and a nap :)

This week has also brought with it some new and interesting recipes. 
Last week while waiting to check out at the grocery store I found a new-to-me magazine.

I'm always on the look out for new and different recipes. I get in my ruts and can eat baked chicken and lettuce with dressing for a week straight. Unfortunately, the guys in my household need a little more variety. LOL So when I saw this in the checkout line, I coughed (literally) up $6.00 (when did magazines get so expensive ?? !!) and brought it home.
I flipped through about half of it and Rocky decided it was time for a nap, so I didn't finish. 
Honey Do came home, saw it and loved it. He browsed through it a second time with my pad of post-it notes and marked all the recipes he thought "we" should try.
I'm definitely not complaining. I appreciate the help "planning" the menu. At least with him help, I know that he'll eat what I fix.

So far we've had Greek-style meatballs, crunchy chicken tenders with cauliflower mash and tonight we're trying sloppy turkey chillie joes. None of them were too difficult to make. I did have to run out for some ingredients I didn't have on hand (cauliflower, ground turkey, buns), but with a handful of recipes it is much easier to shop for a week's supplies.

Putting the final touches on my spring row this evening and this one will be done.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely time you are having up there. Cooking, nice weather, playing with the dog, smelling the flowers, laughing with BF, and planning new things - all with a working laptop! Yay! Interested in seeing what those cut out fabrics become. Did you two finish your wool project completely, or are there more blocks to do?

KaHolly said...

Pretty flowers! Trying to come up with something different for supper can be a real challenge, esp. if you don't have a cooks brain, like me.