Saturday, August 8, 2015

Recapping the week . . .

As I prepare to write this blog, I noticed that I haven't blogged since Wednesday. It's been a busy, productive week. I'm excited because I have something to show for it.

After I cut out the new project with BF on Tuesday, I finished the spring row. Then I started on my wool block for this month. I am pretty pleased with it. I still have the bullion stitch to add in a few places, but that stitch is being taught with this month's class. I tried following a tutorial on YouTube, but didn't like the way it looked, so I didn't add it yet.


I went on to complete two more of the Stars BOM that is my August goal. I have a total of seven completed.

My thoughts and ponderings . . .

Yes, I'm looking forward to autumn !!!!

Like New Year's has a sense of new and exciting and renewal, I feel that autumn does too. I don't think it really does other than a change of seasons for us, but for me personally, it's a change in routines.
School begins at the end of the month, a new Bible study begins, new Sunday School students, less responsibility for yard work. With those changes and the changes in the weather (even though it doesn't really happen until October/November), I feel I have more time to devote to sewing and stitching. I'm looking forward to reviewing what I've accomplished and what I still hope to for this year and looking ahead to next year to see what I want to change or add or take away.
It's a very exciting time of year for me.

My Saturday will be spent accomplishing my normal routines and familial responsibilities and working on the next spring row. I hope to have it finished by Monday.

How will you spend your weekend?

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Fall is all about new beginnings, isn't it? It's nice that we get to start over several times a year. =) Love the wool block. Are you using Milliner's needles for your bouillon stitches? The trick is really to keep enough wraps tight on the needle to cover your space. If you get more, it's okay because you'll get a bit of a curve, and sometimes you want that. Fewer tends not to look so good. The other thing is not to let the wraps overlap each other, but you can also use the needle point to even them up afterward. Just run the tip over the line of stitches a couple of times and poke a bit at a stubborn one. =) It's really a stitch to learn from watching someone you can question right there, I think.