Friday, March 11, 2016

Getting ready for the weekend

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It's been a very busy week around my house, so consequently, I haven't gotten as much sewing or stitching done. But I continue to work on my Wool BOM.

I now have three of four corners stitched and pinned the trim I'm thinking about using in place. I'm going to sleep on that to see if it stays or goes.

Friday morning had me doing catch up chores like laundry and other daily routines. Dinner is planned. Honey Do wants frog legs so they were thawing and a recipe located. I'm not game - no matter how much you tell me they taste like chicken.

I'm wanting to find some time to work on some new Easter/spring projects. They aren't on my goals for this month, but I just want something fun to play with.

I found this link on another blog. I think they are adorable.
Revoluzzza is where you will find the instructions and template. Both are free of charge.

BF and I found this one at the local JoAnn's. A little internet searching and I found a comparable pattern to make my own.

It was pretty expensive, even on sale. I have white kona cotton and burlap remnants that I've found in my travels that will work perfectly. Saves me some money, but it also lets me use something I already have. I'll do the embroidery by hand and use a similar design, not exact. I think it will look beautiful in linen as well, of which I also have a decent collection. I just have to decide which I want to use.

So the weekend is looking productive. Hope yours will be as well.

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Deb R said...

Love your wool work, just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The wool is beautiful and I do like the trim. That's going to be such a wonderful piece! The bunny will be cute, too, and use stash. Sounds like a plan to me! I don't think frogs' legs taste like chicken, they taste like ... frogs' legs! But they aren't bad. Better than rabbit.

Allie said...

Oh that wool piece - so gorgeous!!! I am WITH YOU on the frog's legs - makes me wonder what poor starving pioneer tried them first, and thought them worthy of sharing. That table runner is darling, can't wait to see yours!