Saturday, July 1, 2017

Christmas in July

Last week was busy and productive. Most of my goals were accomplished, I spent a fair amount of time working in the garden and on VBS. As I predicted after a week of 90s plus temperatures and rain, the weeds in the vegetable garden are doing their best to take over. To keep the job from becoming overwhelming I'm breaking it down to several "visits" per day. I have an old cat litter bucket that I use for weeding. I pace myself by filling it each time we go outside. I'm getting about a row a day done. I started on Saturday.

We've gotten several days of rain this week.

And sometimes you even get the rainbow with it :)


Row by Row Experience started this week. I got an email, otherwise I would have forgotten. So of course, I have to be part of the party. I met with BF on Wednesday and I found the adorable Witch pattern. If you subscribe to Bird Brain Designs, last year they carried the Roly Poly Santa which is along the same design as this witch. I just couldn't pass her up. With the adorable Salem Witch Guild from Crabapple Hill, I just had to have another fun witch.
BF was gifted with some patterns and has shared the bottom two with me. Lots of fun, new projects in my future.

These are the two I picked up this week for RXR.
The bottom one is actually three separate sections - one for each of the shops in this chain. They will stand alone if I can't get to the other two shops. 
I did stop at two other shops. One isn't participating this year, but I still managed to find a new project and left $30 behind. The other shop I picked up the pattern, but I'm going to try and use components and make my own because I didn't really like theirs. 

Thursday I had a lovely visit with Mom and Friday I worked, so not much got accomplished on either of those days.

For July, I'm going to continue to work on UFOs, but with a twist. There are usually a lot of promotions surrounding "Christmas in July". I'm jumping on the band wagon. I'm going to get my Christmas sewing done early. One of my goals this week is to choose and organize my projects with a holiday theme or gift. This should also help me with some reorganizing and purging in the sewing room. I'll put a list of goals for the month up next week.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a week of creativity and productivity.

With lots of sunshine and fun :)


Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my goodness - that's a lot of weeding!!! I couldn't possibly get down there anymore, my flowerbeds are taken over, lol. Cute projects, glad you were able to get out and about to do some shopping! I wish you luck with the Christmas stitching!

Anonymous said...

It looks like weeds are not the only thing that grew in your garden! I really like the three rows from the three-shop chain - such a cute idea! And have you noticed that hot air balloons are THE thing in this year's hop? Like bees and raccoons last year. LOL I'm so glad you had both BFF and mom time last week!