Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today was a day for friendship.  I don't have tons of friends like some people do.  I don't even have many acquaintances.  I do however have a really good friend.  We have been friends since we were both about 13 or 14 years old.  We met in junior high school, seventh grade.  We weren't popular or cheerleaders.  In fact, on the surface we really weren't anything special.  Just two ordinary girls, from very different backgrounds.  She grew up in a Bible-believing family, church every Sunday, followers of Jesus.  I was born in Canada in a Catholic family that only practiced occasionally even though my siblings and I went to a Catholic grade school.

What we did have in common, was a prayer request by her parents for a friend for their daughter.  Enter me.  And 40 some years later, we are still friends who have come to rely on each other for comfort, encouragement, validation and just about everything and anything else you can think of.

We've conned talked each other into all kinds of wonderful things.  Most of them relate to the craft world.  Neither of us was very adventurous in the daredevil sort of way.  I introduced her to hand-pieced quilts, she re-introduced me to embroidery.  Together, we've combined both into some fun, interesting and creative projects.  We have show and tell with each other as often as we can get together.  We bounce ideas off each other whenever we get stuck.  We share patterns, recipes, groceries and anything else we might need or have an abundance of.

We got to spend part of the day together.  We peeled apples for applesauce, played with her pup and ooh'd and ahh'd over pictures.  Our time together went way too fast and always, we promise to get together more often.

Do any of you have a life-long friend?  I can't imagine my life without mine.  I thank God everyday for that long ago prayer said by parents that wanted a friend for their daughter and ended up extended their home to girl that would be welcomed into their family as one of their own - and still is.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to my ramblings . . 

Wishing you a creative Friday.


Anonymous said...

I did have a friend of almost 20 years. She died last month and I'm feeling a little lost, even though I have many other friends. No one quite takes the place of someone with whom you've built such a long friendship. There's also my college roommate (which makes it way more decades than I want to think about!) and we spent about 10 days together this last spring. There are some things you share with someone after so long, and no one else was part of it, so we need them to remember it all. =) I'm so glad you have such a wonderful friend.

e said...

I am so sorry for you loss. I can't imagine not having my confidant (sp?), encourager, and all around supporter no longer with me. I will keep you in my praryers.