Thursday, September 5, 2013


Fabric - check

meals - check

projects - check

birds fed - check

dogs pottied - check

gas tank filled - check

cell phone - check

OK - ready to go.  It's going to be a gorgeous day and a smooth ride.  I've got about 45 minutes on the highway.

I'm spending the day with Mom, after I meet BFF for breakfast and show and tell.  Can't go to my home town without trying to spend a few minutes or 60 with BFF and play a little catch up.  We won't even discuss the fact that we talk almost daily and several times daily :)  Yup - my encourager, champion and all around best friend since we were 13 years old - NO, I'm not telling you how long that has been.  Suffice it to say, it's been awhile.


I got to finally show her Shabby Roses - Beauty, the baby quilt I finished and a new project I'm working on.  BFF shared some patterns with me as well to make sure I don't run out of things to do.  I can't figure out where she got that idea......

We are getting ready for Autumn, so projects and decorating lend themselves toward harvest, turkeys and pumpkins.  It is so nice to have friends to share with and help with the burdens of downtime.

After breakfast and visiting (it's amazing how fast 60 minutes goes!!), I went to visit Mom and spend some time with her.  She's by herself and gets lonely sometimes.  There's a few things around the house she can't do anymore - like cleaning the kitchen windows.  Honestly, they were a bit of a challenge for me too.

Lovely Wendy shared some design suggestions for my scarecrow.  I ran with her suggestions and can I tell you - that sweet lady knows her stuff !!!  I am thrilled with the results so far.  And BFF gave me her opinions and I can't wait to put her suggestions in place as well.  This is going to be a really sweet project.  I've already handed off my pattern to BFF and she's very excited to get working on her interpretation - after she finishes a quilt on the rack and a crazy quilt stocking she's working on.  Oh, she does lovely work, too.

I'm so blessed to be able to surround myself with not just talented women, but women who love the Lord.  So, so blessed.

Continuing the blessings, I am joining WOW at my church tomorrow.  WOW stands for Women of Wonder.  It's a Bible study, crafting, women getting together learning, sharing and encouraging one another through a monthly gathering during the school year.  So looking forward to this time of fellowship.  

Thank you so much for stopping by....

Wishing you a creative Friday.

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