Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Mode :)

OK - onward and upward.  I'm over myself :)  As you know from yesterday's post, Beauty is now a pile of bits and pieces and set aside for the time being.  

Yes, I'm over it.  It will be done.  It will be done correctly.  Just not today :)  I'm finally ok with that.

Moving on . . .

On to "Baby-Mode". I'm so excited.  My niece is pregnant with her second child due between Christmas and the first week of January.  They keep changing the date.  Sister came over today to work on her quilt and we decided to go shopping.  Is there anything more fun than shopping for baby things?  I don't think so either :)

So we got some basics.  Then we came home and while she worked on her quilt, I went through my stash of flannels and started cutting receiving blankets.

Most of these are left-over from pajamas I made when Newton was little.  I'm also thinking when the little one is past the receiving blanket stage and if they are still in decent shape, not too worn, maybe they can be put together in another quilt. Throw in some solids - could be fun.

I also unearth some other flannels.

 I just love these little bugs - they are the cutest.  The stripe at the top will serve as the backing.

This stack of flannels are done in minty greens.  This is not the best photo because there are strips, polka dots, solids and the first print is an adorable leaf and monkey print. Should be adorable.

This is the second baby quilt I started a couple of months ago.  All that's left to do on it is the binding.  So I pulled it out again and this one I AM planning on finishing it this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you a creative day.



Anonymous said...

Oh, baby-mode is a fun time! Enjoy all that for-baby shopping and sewing.

e said...

I'm so excited for this one - not that I haven't been for all the others (there are 8 great-nephews and a great-niece), but this mommy has waited along time for her husband and second child. She's working full-time and going to school. Just so happy for her. Thank you. I couldn't agree more.