Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home-made Home

I will never be grateful enough for being raised in a home where needle crafts were done and home-made was something wonderful.  As a child, I didn't appreciate all the wonderful things Mom did for our home:  baked goods, meals, clothing, knitted and crocheted accessories to where and decorate. Sister and I are both very creative people.  We both crochet, she's even fortunate enough to sell some of her afghans.  Both of us sew.  You already know how much I enjoy embroidery and needle works. And I'm finally getting to a place where I'm finishing projects I've started.

Quite a few years ago I worked for two fabric retailers:  Piece Goods and JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. Both were good companies to work for and encouraged my creative bent.  Especially Piece Goods because we made our own store samples so I was able to try new things without having to pay for the supplies.  

At the time, I made most of my own clothing.  I collected a lot of fabric.  I've given a lot away since - to purge and to help out a friend who made good use of it.  I still have quite a bit, but am finally putting it to good use.

Some of the more "fun" fabrics were seasonal.  It's autumn and soon it will be Halloween.  I try to keep it a fun and harmless holiday to decorate.  I have table coverings that I made and put out. I made this adorable little doll.

Her dress and vest are removable.  The border on the skirt of her dress are little witches flying on their brooms.


I had a bit of trouble with her nose, but it ended up turning out perfect.  Her little pumpkins were supposed to be ribboned around her neck, but I kept them loose.

Her name is Zelda.  She was such a fun project to make.  She came on a panel, everything was pre-printed and all I had to do was sew her up.  She makes me smile every year that she comes out for the season.  I also made one for BFF.  She has her sitting on her dresser in her bedroom until this time of year.  So she never puts her away after the season.  That makes me feel special.

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I spent my day drawing off new designs to work on that I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I also drew off the last additional block for Beauty.  I'm hoping to finish stitching it tonight or tomorrow.  Sister asked me about it today.  I told her I was hoping to have the entire project done by her visit on Monday :)

To keep me motivated, I've been watching Foyle's War.  It is an excellent series.  I'm on the third season with two more to watch to be caught up.

Having something to watch while I stitch makes the stitching go faster because I don't spend all my time wondering how much more I have to do, especially because it's all being done with white on the red.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have the finished top.  Here's hoping.

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