Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mid - busy - week

Just stopping in to touch base.  It's been a busy week with personal stuff.  Some fun, some just things you have to do.

I spent part of the day with Mom and her sister who is visiting for the week.  We had a really nice visit and Mom made lunch for us.  I got the leftovers :)

Wednesday I will celebrate BFF's birthday with her.  It's a week late, but schedules just weren't lining up for either of us.

Thursday, I'm cleaning house, packing for a weekend away with Honey Do.  I'll be able to do some stitching, latch hooking, reading, crocheting and whatever else I can get packed to take with me.  Unfortunately, I can only take so much otherwise I'd pack the sewing machine and get those Christmas gifts knocked out :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a creative week.

Image from Fiona.  Isn't it great?  She has a great blog too if you've never checked her out. Thanks Fiona - I love this cutey.


Anonymous said...

I love the image! I think I want to adopt it. LOL!

e said...

I couldn't agree more. It's more like the reaction that I'll have :) Have a great day.