Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Catch up time . . .

It has been one of those weeks. You know the ones - never enough time to do everything that requires your attention.

I did really good over the weekend and felt very productive. Then Monday dawned. I felt extremely behind . . . laundry, cleaning, getting Nina ready for surgery (you know, female puppy surgery), traveling to the vet and back, etc. So there wasn't any stitchery done. But the laundry was caught up, floors swept, furniture dusted, etc. Felt good. The time change has affected both Honey Do and I, so it just feels like we aren't getting anything accomplished.

Monday was one of those days that stuff needed done, but I didn't feel like it. That included dinner. But I managed. I took some kielbasi and browned it, then I added red, green and yellow bell peppers and some onion. Once they were sauteed, I added a can of diced Italian tomatoes, some additional seasoning and let it simmer. I cooked the tri-color pasta and tossed it in. We topped it will grated Parmesan. Boy was it good :) After dinner, we took Nina to my niece's for the night. She was taking her to her vet's for her surgery. I had originally gotten Nina from her, so I felt very comfortable letting her go for the night and the vet recommendation.


We drove home at sunset - isn't it gorgeous. It's been a long, hard winter. We are ready for spring - which happens this week :)

Tuesday, Nina had her surgery and we went back to get her. She was well taken care of and the sweet ladies in the office just loved her in our absence. They complimented what a good girl she was and how sweet - and all prejudice set aside, she really is. She was very happy to see me. And I her. It's amazing how quickly they become part of the family. Having said that, I didn't realize until after she was home again how concerned I was about her being gone. My kitchen was thoroughly cleaned and reorganized. It is now spotless with everything that was out of place back in its place. I just smile when I walk through because I've been wanting to do this for weeks and now it's done.

Tuesday evening was a bit rough on this little girl. She just couldn't get comfortable.

Yes, I had a tendency to spoil her :)

Look at those long legs :) And Taz was never very far. He gave her a thorough once over to make sure she really was ours.

Come Wednesday morning, she was back to her normal self: eating, playing and rough housing. They are amazing animals. It's like she hadn't been through anything. But, of course, I'm still keeping a very close watch over her.

And because my sweet girl is doing so well, I can get back to the task of getting some stitchery and crafting done.
I was playing around on Pinterest the other day and found a pin for scrap fabric rugs. Last spring, I cut a huge quantity of cotton fabrics for Vacation Bible School that ended up not being used. I've been storing them in my basement since. Well, light-bulb moment. I have all that cut fabric, what a better way to use it up than making new rugs :) I didn't want to throw it out, so I'm glad I hung on to it. I was going to make a scrap quilt, but I like the rug idea much better. This is the beginning rows. It's taking a while, but there is no rush.

This project, on the other hand, is not the case. This stitchery is on my goal list for this month. I'm just starting it today. I have two of them to complete to make goal, so I thought I better get busy.

These are Sullivan threads I found at the local craft store. I'd seen Sullivan's mentioned in the Little Quilties that I'm working on, but wasn't familiar with them before that. I found these as a kit called "Winter", so I thought what a great way to choose colors for these stitcheries without having to go through my entire DMC inventory. They did half the work. Love that.

Well, back to my stitchery and listening to the rain - at least it's not snow :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, my life is just like that. Which is why I'm three days late reading this blog post! =) Substitute my son issues for your animal issues - and no surgeon required. Love your snowman stitchery.

e said...

Oh Susan, I have the son issues too, I just haven't mentioned them. You are in my prayers. Thank you. The snowmen are coming along, as you'll see over the weekend :) Always here. I don't post everyday like I should, but we do have lives to live don't we?