Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another productive weekend

in the books :) And a gorgeous one to boot. Spring has been a roller coaster ride just as winter had been. Sunday, the temperatures got to almost 80 degrees !! Monday we're still in the 70s, but there is snow forecast over night as a cold front comes through. It will be 30 over night and snow !! But then we're back into the 50s and 60s for the weekend, and expecting rain for Easter Sunday.

(Image taken from Women Living Well)

Sunday morning was spent watching seasonal videos with the children and enjoying snacks. About once a quarter we do this. It gives us a break from routine teaching and the children a chance to relax and do something different. It's amazing how quickly we've gotten from Christmas to Easter. Or is it just me?

Newton spent the afternoon riding his bike through the neighborhood - even managed to get a new bike from someone who was disposing of one. It's a bigger, more size-appropriate bike. So he was happy and so was I.

Honey Do has a large pen order he's working on so he was in the shop. I was watching videos and working on Bethlehem.


Block 5 is now finished. This one went really fast. I started it on Friday and it's done :)

Monday morning I have a breakfast meeting with the Children's Minister at church to discuss a community service project for Vacation Bible School and all the other crafts we are planning. This is the first year we'll be incorporating a CSP for the older children and we need to iron out the details.

Once I'm back home, it will be chores and back to working on the Quilt Doodle mystery blocks. I was really hoping to work on them over the weekend, but got really involved in getting Bethlehem finished.

It's not too late to start, after all, I'm still on the first one.

We're expecting 1-3 inches of snow on Tuesday. But I have all this gloriousness to enjoy in the meantime.


And the snow clouds are on their way.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe this yo-yo weather? We had 80+ on Sunday, and today's high is 48 predicted. It was snowing when it said it was 40, so I don't know about that! Nothing sticking, not that much, but still. It's mid-April for crying out loud! Your Bethlehem block looks terrific. That was fast stitching! Your Sunday sounded pleasant and good deal on scoring that bike!

e said...

It was cold yesterday (Tuesday) - mid 30s; Wednesday we got into the upper 40s; Thursday and the weekend are forecast 60s. I'll take it. originally it was supposed to rain over the weekend. It should be nice.
Thank you for Bethlehem. That one went really fast. I'm waiting until May to start the next one - too many other things to accomplish.