Friday, April 11, 2014

Back in business

It is so frustrating when things don't work and I've been having issues with downloading pictures. I've gotten around it, at least temporarily. I'll eventually deal with the issues and get myself working properly.

In the meantime . . .
I did some thrift shopping.

Sugar bowl - a friend told me that her mom had these dishes and if I wanted them, I could have them.
I think I want :) I love blue and yellow together. It just makes me happy :)

This cup should have been turned over and it would look like the little cottage that it is - still cute.

Aren't these pretty. The blues are definitely machine embroidered, but still pretty.
Now the other, I can't tell if it's done by machine or hand. I really want it to be hand, but it's really hard to tell. But isn't it just absolutely gorgeous? I was in heaven when I found it.
The best thing, all this gorgeousness was less than $5.00 - TOTAL !!! I had a 50% off total purchase coupon. Can we get a "Happy Girl" :)

Along the vintage-theme, I put up this little cutey today. Mom made this when she worked for a home-party sales company that sold stitchery kits. This was one of their kits and Mom made it as a sample. She's been slowly cleaning and purging. Some of her purges are coming home to me. I wasn't sure I really wanted it, but thought I would decide later. Today I decided that not only did I want it, but I wanted it displayed. I absolutely love it and the more I look at it, the more I love it. Not just because it's adorable, but because Mom made it and it should be treasured. 

Mom is my original inspiration for all my craftiness. She sewed all my clothing as a child. She crocheted doilies, knitted sweaters, mittens and slippers. She gardened and baked and cooked. Everything she ever did, she did with love and perfection. She is who I aspire to become.

I worked on this little cuteness today. I had finished it awhile ago, but pulled it out today and decided it needed "more". I wasn't sure what it was, but once it was in my hands, it didn't take long to figure it out. I added the little blue beads and the beads for the eyes. I'm debating about doing the blanket stitch and embroidering the mouth and nose. I think it will need that to finish it completely. Then it will be ready to hand on the wall.

Block 5 of the Little Quilties is done.

Block 6 is almost done. I'm filling in the negative spaces with white. I'm not crazy about this because the "blocks" get lost in all the white. I've decided to do a single back stitch around each of the blocks. 

I like the way it is setting them off and apart from each other.

You can still join the fun here.

This is my newest project. It doesn't look like much, but it's the first of seven sections for a mystery quilt. You can still join here. It's taken me almost four months to get my courage up to start this project. I'm excited to get back to it.

Other than the computer issues, I've had a pretty good, productive week. BFF and I met for a leisurely breakfast and gab session and Newton didn't have school today, so we spent some time at the library. I have lots of new ideas for projects rolling around in my brain - not that I really need anything else to do.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Your thrift store finds are wonderful! If I like something and it's pretty, I don't care if it's done by machine. Blue and yellow are happy colors, indeed. So neat that you can get the dishes to match the sugar bowl! I like your mom's piece, too. How wonderful to have her legacy of craftiness to inspire you. The black line sets off the quilties very nicely. Yours look so neat and tidy.

e said...

You are quickly becoming my personal cheerleader :) Thank you. You always have such positive comments, and when you give me constructive words of wisdom, you are still so kind. The line is actually a dark grey. I was afraid with the pastels it would be too much to go any darker and I used that grey in one of the blocks, so it was already out :) One of Mom's "lessons" was to be neat and do it right the first time. And many of my projects become gifts and so they really should be my best efforts. Thanks for taking the time to stay in touch :)