Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday??

So how many of us are crazy enough still to get up before the chickens and go shopping??

I used to love to go . . . with my sister, but once the shopping rush was done, what I really enjoyed was going out to breakfast with her and talking. So it really wasn't all the shopping, it was the fellowship. We had made it a tradition for us for several years, but then job changes happened and she moved and things change. We get together now as often as we can, but there are still life changes that don't allow it to happen as frequently as we would like.

The shopping and madness of the day have also waned and I just look forward to being in my house and comfortable and usually sewing these days. Most likely on whatever I'm working on and thinking I should be sewing for Christmas because, of course, that's nowhere near done :) I don't stress about it as much as I once did. Our goal each year is to make it smaller and less commercial. Extended families are getting bigger, finances are getting less, the meaning is getting more important and seems to get lost in all the shuffle. Honestly, I'm looking forward to a day when going to church and celebrating Christ's birth is the most important part of the season and our personal celebrations.
Doesn't that sound like a perfect way to spend Christmas - going to church, a nice evening meal ?
I think it sounds perfect !!

So for my "Black Friday" is shopped my favorite blogs and I'm so excited.  Look at the goodies my "Black Friday" is netting me:

First, Jenny of Elefantz

Jenny is offering seven days of gifts to make at no cost to us. I will tell you that she has tons of GORGEOUS patterns that I never get tired of and lots of finishing suggestions, which is extremely helpful for somoneone like me who gets stuck in her ruts and finishes everything the same way :)

Look at this adorable bag. Won't it just make the best wrapping for a gift and so useful after it's unwrapped :) Do it up in the recipient's favorite color(s) and you can't go wrong.

Next up, Michelle May of Rasberry Rabbits.

Michelle's been gifting us with these adorable tags. This one is number three and there will be five in all. Visit her for the others. You have until mid-December.

Michelle also has lots of offerings. Here's one of my favorites.

I debated about Friendship of the Flowers all year, so of course, I'm behind. She's had a whole year of ideas on stitching and embellishing and sweetened the pot with these extra projects thrown in for good measure. Time is running out on this subscription, too.

Another favorite is Amy at Nana Company.

Another favorite, Kristyne of Pretty by Hand.

All of these things are just suggestions and some are from previous years. Keep checking the sites, there will probably be new ones shortly.

I off to choose fabric for Jenny's "gift" bag.

Thank you for stopping by

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

I like that cartoon at the end. =) Yes, dinner and church sounds perfect! We honestly don't do too much more than that now. I'll probably buy a nice sweater or flannel shirt for each boy and tuck some money in the pocket. Disposable money is always nice. So hard for *everyone* to come by! thanks for the cute link to the felt mittens. I'm a sucker for mitten projects.