Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursday - Retreat Day 6

Unfortunately, retreats don't necessarily mean you get away from your chores. This morning started out with lawn care.

I don't have an oak tree, but I sure do get more than my fair share of leaves to clean up.

This time of year it become mulch for the flower garderns. They are all tucked in for the winter.


My miniature and orange roses have graced me with November blooms. Amongst the rain drops and dropping temperatures they offer a respite from the dreariness of the season.

After some shopping and errands, I finally made it to the post office to mail my swap packages, I made some time to work on my Bethlehem sheep. They are slow going, but we are getting them knocked out. Making good progress for the first week of the month.

One more project for the day - this one is a finish :)

Here's where I'm starting . . .

This is a seat from a chair that my sweet friend, BFF, gave me a couple of months ago. I dug around in my stash until I found the fabric I knew, without any other consideration, I wanted to cover it with.

And my finish !!!
I absolutely LOVE it :)

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Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

How lovely to have roses in Ohio in November! I LOVE your chair cushion. You are so talented and versatile, Edi! I have four chairs that need new seats, if you want to come visit. LOL