Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday - Retreat Day 2

My Sunday priorites are going to church and teaching Sunday School.  You already know how much I love my kids and teaching Sunday School if you've followed along. We studied Daniel and the lion's den today and begin Esther next week. I just finished an 8-week study of Esther sponsored by Love God Greatly. So I'm very excited and feel equipped to study this with my third and fourth graders.

Lunch out of the way and it's on to the sewing machine. I'm having a bit of a love affair with 9-patches.

I made nine of the blocks today. 
I will be using the blocks in positions 2, 3 and 4 for a swap. 

Yesterday I shared these cuties with you. I went and got solid colors for opposing blocks.

This is one configuration using those blocks. I have four sets of the 9-patch.

I had enough fabric of the little kids to make four more sets today, using solids. I used up all the floral prints. So there are enough of these to make the same configuration.

Yesterday, I thought I would make a quilt for my great-niece who is four. But today, I was thinking about the differences of the blocks and instead of trying to incorporate them into one quilt, I'm going to take them and make two seperate baby quilts.

Years ago, I volunteered for Big Brothers and Sisters. My "little sister" and I have stayed in touch. This past summer she not only had a baby, but twin girls. So the blocks are just different enough that each can have their own. I'm very excited about the project and can't wait to see it finished for a visit in the next week or so.

* * * * * 

Little dresses . . . ready to stitch.

Bethlehem Block 12 - done !!!

* * * * *

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