Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crafty weekend update

It's been busy around my house in the crafting department. I have finishes to report - already :)


I found this adorable ornament kit in my basement. They will be attached to gifts next Christmas for the greats. Love them.



I recruited Honey Do to help me with this project. The stitchery is from Month 3 of the Stitchery Club. I loved this idea the first time I saw. I wanted to make a button box. Honey Do asked if it had to be round. Of course not !!! He's making bowls and boxes for me all the time, as you can see in the last photo. I absolutely love them and have them in various places throughout our home. But this one is special. The lid needed a place to put the stitchery. He loved the idea too and as you can see he didn't disappoint me. The fabric is silk that I purchased years ago just because it was silk and it finally has the perfect project.

I'm off to spend Sunday afternoon with Mon#2. She is doing remarkably well. It's amazing how good God is to us. She's still got a rough road ahead of her, but may be moving as early as Tuesday to a rehabilitation center. God is SOOOO good !!!!

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

He makes those bowls???? I see a retirement business there! Those are fabulous! Love your button box. Those are the cutest little ornaments, too. It looks like you are already started on the Christmas Club. =)