Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monday - recap

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I LOVE Mondays :)

Contrary to its reputation. It's the first day after a day of rest (Sunday), everyone is back on routine after the holidays or weekends. I have (usually) the whole day to myself :)

This particular Monday was a bit different. I went to work with Honey Do - actually, I met him at work. Since it's the beginning of the year, inventory needs to be done so I went in and helped as much as I could with inventory. It's been a long time, years, since I've gone to work. I actually enjoyed it. 

Anyway, it changed my plans for the day and my routine. I still managed to get several loads of laundry done, fresh sheets on the bed. Dinner was leftovers, so I didn't need to worry about that.

Honey Do made two more boxes for me on Sunday afternoon and I managed to get another coat of varnish on them before I left. That gave them the day to dry without my trying to add more :)

I received my swap partners names for these blocks. I took some time to correct the corners so they can be mailed this week. However, when I posted my pictures, both blocks were tagged for swapping, so I spent the evening working on two new blocks for myself. It's all good. And, of course, the second set when together much more smoothly because I've got the experience with this block now to fall back on. I just love this block because it looks complicated, but it's not.

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I recently received a package in the mail - I am so excited.

This is the finishing kit for 

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this quilt - Down a Garden Path.
If you recall, I've been trying to get this pattern. I made some inquiries, and long story short, a sweet lady in Canada sold me her pattern that she was finished using for a fraction of the cost. And while making some other inquiries, I ran across the finishing kit and it's arrived.  Now . . . when to start it?

It's on my radar, but not int he foreseeable future. I have UFOs to finish.

And speaking of UFOs . . .

I was gifted from Mom a quilt rack. She found it at a yard sale many years ago for $15.00 !!!!! (I looked up quilt frames on Herschenner's - where it was purchased from - the only one they still have is $149).
The box said NEW. I looked up the instructions on line, trying to figure out how to put it together and must have been just tired enough, that I just didn't go there :)
Monday evening, I asked Honey Do when he had some time if he would help me, thinking over the weekend. He asked me what it needed. I told him - "Someone that knew how to put things together".

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Well, he said he had time and my quilt rack is up. Next step - put Tilda on the rack and get quilting !!! He's so good to me :)

A few more side notes on the rack - it was shipped in 1978 to the purchaser. UPS shipping was $2.08 !!!  The original supplier, FA Edmunds, is still in business. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity (and warmth).


Anonymous said...

What a lovely long natter! That quilt frame is a find. I've been looking and looking - I should have bought one from the people making them last year, but I figured they'd always be on eBay, and now they're gone. =P It was $110, though! I have a perfectly lovely one - wonderful one - Paul bought for me, and it's in Phoenix. Boohoo! That Honey Do is a gem on many levels. I love the quilt! It's one I looked at, too, but there's only so much time. It will be like doing it myself to watch you do it all. ;)

dq said...

I love your post about Mondays. You have a great attitude. I have to admit that I am glad that Wednesday is almost here.

The fabric you received is to die for gorgeous! Enjoy your new project.