Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

The new year is dawning bright and sunny in my spot of the world. We are looking forward to temperatures in the upper 30s with promises of snow next week when everyone heads back to their "normal" routines.

So how did you spend your new year's eve? Did you go out and do something special? Have friends and family in? Stay home for a quiet evening?

We stayed home, we haven't gone out for years, by choice. Our tv decided to stop working just before Christmas and have chosen for the time being not to replace it. Newton doesn't really watch much tv and when he does it's usually Netflix. Honey Do plays on the computer most of the time as he has on-line friends too. I've been watching a series on Netflix, so while my guys did their "thing" I watched and sorted through some flannels.

I've cut it into larger pieces to pass on to an on-line friend that does charitable sewing for children, 4 and 5 inches squares, and 6 inch strips for scrap quilts (hopefully for next Christmas for the "greats").

I also finished my two swap blocks for Quilter's Garden January Swap. This looks like a really comlicated block - at least too me - but it really wasn't all that hard to do. I love my color choices. I may have to make some more of these :)

New Year's day will find me relaxing, watching Netflix, finishing a book and finishing up the flannel so I can packages ready for mailing this week. Illness has been running through the family, so everyone is staying close to home.

Enjoy your day. May the blessings of 2014 continue into 2015 for you and yours.


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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

I could NOT get that block to work. I felt like I was trying to sew in a dark room. So I don't have one to swap this time. Yours looks great, though! If you do decide to get another TV, check out the pawn shop. Mine was about half the going price in Target. That's good enough for Roku! =)