Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Further adventures in domesticity

Don't you just love how that word rolls off your tongue? And I just love all the different things that fall under that category . . . whether you are sewing, cooking or cleaning . . . gardening, doing the laundry or just enjoying a gorgeous Sunday afternoon of sunshine and white, puffy clouds.

(found on Pinterest)

My Sundays go very quickly. I spend most of the morning in church as most of you know. Pastor is preaching on End Times, which is very timely because my Bible Study is going to study Revelation next fall. I'm going to spend my summer attempting to read through Revelation, at least once.

After church, I come home and try to tame my "beasts". Usually I can accomplish that with just feeding them :) The rest of the day is pretty relaxing. We've been grilling on the weekends and there's usually enough leftover that I don't have to cook too much. Everyone is pretty relaxed.

I try to take some time to plan my week. The beginning of this week is pretty busy. Newton has a doctor appointment Monday. 

Jenny's new Vintage Kitchen block has been published. So I'll be working on that while I wait.

I managed to get one of the pin cusions finished.


BF's daughter saw her's and wanted one of her own. She wanted it in blue. I think it turned out adorably.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

Cute as anything! Love your little mice pincushions. Enjoy your week!

Allie said...

I need to get back to planning my week - it sure helps. I LOVE your mice!!!