Friday, May 29, 2015

Routine :)

Routine - it's a beautiful thing :)

Until something comes along to change it, disrupt it, or otherwise throw it off. . .

Hi - my name is Chewy (yeah, after that Chewbacca dude).

I arrived on Monday, May 25 to my new home. I'm 8 weeks old. I weigh about one pound !!!!

Unfortunately, when I did arrive at my new home, I was really sick. No one could figure out what was wrong with me.


I ate pretty good Monday night, but Tuesday I only ate a couple of pieces of puppy chow.

I tried to play. . . 

but got so, so tired, so very fast . . .

Food - I tried, but just didn't have an appetite . . . yeah, mom tried feeding me with the dropper. I didn't like that very much either.

We went to see the vet. I REALLY didn't like that. You know he pokes you with something REALLY sharp . . . AND not only once but twice !!!!

Mom got instructions and took me home. It was a rough ride, she thought she lost me to Heaven, but I was there just having a really hard time. She got me home and put a heating pad in my crate because I can't keep myself warm enough. My diet is different too. The vet gave me special food, an antibiotic (which I really don't like) and I get to eat Ensure with a half a banana in it !! :) It's yummy !! Mom even tried feeding me baby food - that was really good too.

So I'm spending most of the day in my crate, sleeping, resting and trying to get my energy back . . .

relaxing and soaking up the attention (wink)  :)

(Hmmmm . . . looking a little "Gizmo" here)

Thursday morning, I called to let everyone know I was up !!! Yeah !!!! I'm feeling more like my old self again.

I got to play with Honey Do first thing. . .

I ate all by myself and drank water too :)
Still really tired, so I'll get some more rest, but Mom's really happy.
She's working on a quilt today that's behind schedule. She said something about it being a goal for ALYOFs. So she'll be back tomorrow. She said to tell you . . .

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity :)


Melody said...

Thank goodness this story had a happy ending. What an adorable little sweetheart

Anonymous said...

Chewy is SO tiny! Wow. I'm so glad you were able to get in to see the vet and get the problem solved.