Thursday, May 28, 2015

Louisville Kentucky - Days 4 and 5

Day 4 was spent driving the Bourbon Trail and visiting the different bourbon distilleries. Time for a disclaimer. I typically do not drink, especially hard liquor. I feel that it's none of my business if others choose to. Typically, my husband doesn't either, but he does like the added flavor that's given to foods that are grilled. That was his purpose in doing this escursion. We enjoyed the day of driving and having each other's company exclusively. We had a lot of great conversation. We aren't able to spend a lot of time alone, so it was a really good day for both of us.

I have found all of these facilities to be extremely clean and well maintained. I loved the different architechtures and art-work. The drive between stops was interesting and had its own attractions.

First stop, Bourbon Trace


2. Woodford Reserve






Tour guide - Ken. He encourage and re-iterated several times the need and desire of the company that everyone drink responsibly. 

Along the way, we saw numerous horse farms. What gorgeous acreage.

Even what appeared to be a castle. I would like to do some research on this place :)

3. Heaven Hill


There were more distilleries, but after awhile, there really isn't anything more interesting to photograph. 



We're not sure why there were fireworks this evening, but we could see them from our room. Added bonus !!!

Day 5 was Saturday. We spent a fair amount of time discussing our departure. Honey Do decided it was time to go home !!! He was ready !!! Not sure I was ready at 5 a.m. !!!! We packed up everything but morning essentials and were on the road by 5:30 a.m. !!! I think we woke the night clerk when we tried to check out :) Coffee wasn't even available yet, but we got some on the road. 
Even the ride home was fairly enjoyable. I attempted to stitch. It was time consuming because every time I tried to place a stitch, it seemed we hit another bump in the road - LOL

We were graced with a beautiful sunrise !!!

Arrival at home - 11 a.m. !!! The pups were very happy to see us. Neither one of us was able to rest much once we arrived. We spent time with "Pops" and almost immediately I set about putting my house to rights - not that it was in too bad a shape. 

It's nice to go, visit, travel, recharge, but there is nothing like being at home. I'm so very blessed to have a home a cherish, treasure, and enjoy being. I'm also grateful to be back to my mostly normal routines. Time to go and start the laundry :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the trade show didn't include Saturday. Paul knew better than to hope I'd get up before nine. LOL Anywhere we had to go, nine was early enough to start. =) I loved the pictures of the distilleries. I find the how-is-it-made stuff fascinating, though I never drink either. It's just interesting. I'm glad you made it home safely (as I presumed you must have when you started posting!) and that your whole trip was great.