Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Autumn is in the air

Temperatures are in the mid 60s as a cold front spirals over us from Canada. 
No one I know is complaining. 
After a summer of 90s, this respite is a welcome change.

My day started with some errands and tasks that needed taking care of. First off, I had an appointment for an open house to collect my binder for Bible study. I've been offered and accepted and qualified for a children's leader. Materials were distributed today.

On the way to the open house, I passed this barn. I did not know about it until today. During Ohio's Bi-centennial, everyone did something special to celebrate and commemorate the event. This was one of those things. And because it's been so many years (2003), this owner has maintained the commemoration. More of the history can be found here, if you are interested.

I did a little shop hopping with the rest of my morning.

Pins and Needles is a local shop that is MASSIVE !!! They have a classroom that is the size of the store !!!!
They are very excited to host Eleanor Burns next month. She will be in town for three days to host lectures, luncheons and classes. 
I stopped by to acquire another Row by Row Experience kit.

I've managed to collect five or six.

I got on the phone on the way home and ordered another kit that I had to have from a shop in Sandusky. It was a big deal to me because it has laser cut silhouettes of Cedar Point :) I saw it completed in my local shop, and knew I had to have it. They were very kind and helpful and will mail it out to me on November first, after the final winner of the "Experience" has been announced.
I will begin working on my quilts after the new year. I have too much going on right now, but I would like to have it finished before the beginning of the next "Experience", which should be next June.

Once I got home, I started sewing :)

With the cooler temperatures, it was time to start thinking about a coat for Rocky :)
This is not the best picture of him modeling it because he kept moving around and was trying to get it off. A little velcro and it will be finished and ready to wear :)

I also managed to get a few 9-patches started.
All around, a good day :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

That was a fabulous day! I'm envious. =) What a cute row pattern. Lovely nines to come, but not to me this time. =)