Friday, November 20, 2015

Days off . . .

Wednesday . . .

I had the day off from any outside responsibilities.

I got the day to do what I needed or wanted and got to stay home.

This makes me very happy.

So my day started with coloring.

These will be laminated, cut out and displayed on my Sunday School bulletinboard. 
I know I'm cutting it really close, but they'll be ready for next year.
Next up will be something to do with Advent.

I moved on to do some moving around in the basement. Christmas sewing and time off is giving me some motivation to begin this project earlier than planned. 
Honey Do is going to make counter tops for the cabinets and they need to be accessible for measuring and installation.

Thursday . . .

meeting BF for breakfast, sharing, and getting supplies to help her finish a flannel quilt for her son for Christmas. The top is finished, the first quilt is having the binding applied now and a third quilt is begun. She's going to be really busy for the next month, isn't she?


Along the way, I received a bag of goodies from her. Since her mom's passing, she's been helping her day sort and divvy up what needs to go. I was gifted with several things. Look at this gorgeous piece of wool !!!


The snowman is a door hanger like my  "Uncle Sam".
The fabrics are an attempt to help me fix the November BOM that had an error in it. It's not the same fabric, but I'm going to see what I can do.

These are leftover pieces of yardage that BF used on her quilt. Wasn't she super generous to share with me?


BONUS !!!!
We were having a conversation about ironing boards and covers the other day - I know, really exciting . . . LOL
Anyway, I mentioned these hook and spring gadgets that my mom used to use to keep her board covers taut.
Lo and behold !!!! in sorting through Mom's things, BF found a set. She said she didn't need them.
I am in heaven !!!!
Such a silly thing to get excited about, but there you have it.
And did you see the price???
Original package.
Letter-coding has been replaced by bar-coding. And taxable if applicable. Not like today, when almost everything is taxable.

I spent my evening watching Netflix and cutting out my artwork for Sunday School so I can take them to church to be laminated.

Friday . . .

It's taken me three days to write this post.
I'm planning on being home Friday morning. Every opportunity to do so will be captured. I just spent too much time away from home.

Morning chores are started, meatloaf is asembled and back in the fridge, laundry is started.
Next up, need to decide. 
Do I want to work on the spring row or start the Nutcracker wall hanging for my sister-in-law's Christmas gift?
Honestly, I'm leaning toward the spring row so I can finish that obligation and put supplies away until January when the next block is published.

Yes, I think that's what I'll do.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

Does it look like he's giving me the stink-eye?


Anonymous said...

A busy three days, indeed! Your BFF is very generous, but I have a feeling it goes both directions. I love that she found those ironing board clips, and yes, I get it completely. I know why you were excited!

I hope you had some time to sew on your rXr and are feeling accomplished!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Gee I get excited when I get a day OUT! LOL! Your bf is very generous, that ironing board cover holder looks really interesting! I love the older sewing stuff - it just holds up so much better.