Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday . . .

This will NOT be me again this year . . . LOL

For many years now, we have decided not to go shopping on Black Friday. 
We used to, and honestly, I enjoyed it. However, as we've gotten older and have decided that we really don't need anything we don't waste the time.
I prefer to just stay home and enjoy my time in my home with my family.
This year I am blessed that both my guys will be home to spend the day with me.

My beautiful pumpkin pie . . . 

Dinner was wonderful, everyone chipped in to help (and not just eat).
Our day is pretty low-key, just the way we like it.

Once the cleaning and cooking were done on Wednesday, I managed a little sewing time.
Rocky got a couple of new coats. He's growing quickly and they seem to be in the wash as much as they are on him, so some extras will come in handy.

Spent the day organizing some photos for my nieces scrapbooks. I managed to get Volue 1 of the first niece's done. I still have two more to do. After that I'll do my best to keep them up for them, but honestly, it's getting hard to do it and everything else that I want to do.
Mine are so far behind I don't know if they'll ever get done :(

Rocky has the right idea/

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

What a great day. No, I've never shopped on Black Friday. There's nothing so good that I have to do that. Regan did go out to Target about 10 am, and he had what he wanted and was out in ten minutes. He said there wasn't even a check-out line, though the store was moderately busy. Still not interested. LOL No money anyway.

I bought one child's Christmas present online tonight, though. I was going to get them both, but the thing I wanted for the other one wasn't guaranteed to arrive in time, even if I paid 2-day shipping, so he'll just have to live without that and I'll get something else. I have a back up plan.