Thursday, November 5, 2015

November - Good start

I spent my weekend and part of the week working on my November goal for ALYOFs.

There are 12 of these lovelies - actually there are 16. I have four extra packages of November.
They will either make pillows to go with the quilt, or more likely, they will make a smaller, lap size, quilt. When these would go clearance, I would just pick them up, just in case.

Well, I wish I had an extra for July :(

The problem with the purchase pre-packaged and not opening it up right away is that you don't know if there is a problem lurking inside the package.
There should be two squares of this beautiful paisley print, but one wasn't cut correctly and therefore is short. The packages are dated 1996, so I will more likely have to find a replacement because I'm not holding out much hope that this fabric is still available and if it is, the quality may be inferior to the original. I was hoping to find it in my stash, but no luck.

One of my favorite, local shops has an annual quilt BOM program. With any purchase, you get a free BOM including fabric !!! They actually have two choices. Two choices, two purchases = two FREE BOM kits. I didn't know this when I started shopping here. I've only been going for a year since I discovered them last holiday season on a local shopping trip that I gifted myself for my birthday.
November begins a new year, so this week I'm going to find out what the new patterns and fabric choices are. I have been using this shop to help supplement my "Shoebox Swap" fat quarter requirements. They also have a lovely stash of remnants that I have supplemented my 9-patch swaps.

I made these adorable bean/rice bags for my new class at Bible study. I have been assigned 3-year olds (young 3s) and a new co-leader. We shared responsibilities for the first time on Tuesday and I am very pleased. Like most people, I don't like change, but this one seems to be for the best and I'm excited to have someone who has experience working with younger children to co-lead with.


These little bottles were a recycled project I did in early October. As I watched my pups play this afternoon, I fed the squirrels and decided that I would cut the few remaining blooms and bring them indoors with me. I'm using these sweet little bottles with burlap and autumnal ribbon on my windowsill in my kitchen. They make me smile.

Off to a day of shopping with Mom.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, a day of shopping! I hope you had a great time. Your vases with flowers do look great in the window, and I don't see any snow outside on the ground yet! LOL You know, I used to have that print in ALL the colors, and that was a long time ago that I bought it. I still remember when it came out and how much I loved it. You can make the pattern in something else, but it's too bad that was such a poor cut. I guess they didn't check their work, either! Best of luck with those 3 year olds. We call them Sunbeams in our Primary, and I used to do music with them. I'm glad you have someone good in there. If you have more than two you're going to need someone! LOL