Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For the love of weekends

It has been a relaxing, pleasant "sta-cation". We are in the home stretch.

We spent most of Saturday at home. I cut out the blocks for the color block quilt that was in the library book. I made some adjustments based on fabric availability and size of my bed (queen). I got as far as laying the blocks out.

We went fishing/walking for the evening. It got chilly around 7:30 and someone close to the park was shooting off various kinds of guns. Rocky got really nervous. He did think he could take on a rather large horse that was curious about all the noise Rocky was making.

Sunday was spent at home, except for church attendance. This week starts the new class so my kids have moved up and out for fourth grade. It means a new crop of third graders. We are starting the year in Exodus with Moses. So we read and drew pictures of different people and events in the first and second chapters. Everyone seemed to enjoy the different aspects of the lesson.

Once I got home, I took the dogs out and read a couple of chapters from my book, helped Honey Do get dinner ready and started sewing on the color block quilt. Spending Saturday cutting and laying out helped with the assembly process. I still got some blocks confused and missed placed, but am still very pleased with it.

Next step is to add borders to make it large enough for my bed. I still have to decide how I want to quilt it. The suggestion in the library book is to just do straight lines, but that was solid colors and I've chosen prints. I'll have to think about it.

Monday started out slow and relaxed, coffee and book, some harvesting in the vegetable garden.

My goals for the day were to finish reading the book, which I did early Tuesday morning.

Time is going to be a rare commodity beginning this week. I need to plan ahead, especially meals. I made a menu over the weekend. I want to be able to use what I have. My freezer and pantry are full, so I have supplies. I'm trying to repurpose leftovers or put things in the freezer for later use. Meal preparation is easy when you have a plan and supplies readily available.

BF's son is back from Marine training camp. We were supposed to visit and share a meal but were unable due to teenage angst. Anyone who's said girls are more difficult have never raised a boy !!! I'm praying to survive these teen years.

Weather-wise the day was perfect:  mid to upper 70s, sunshine, breezy. I LOVED it!! I spent part of the day outside with the pups. Even though it's still technically summer for the next few weeks, my mindset is already in autumn-mode. Harvesting the vegetables is at least every other day. I'm getting tomatoes, but not many. The cucumbers did not do well, nor did the peppers. Beans are slow and still blooming. Zucchini has slowed way down and still has some blooms. Round two of the radishes are up. They sort of seeded themselves when I pulled the over-grown plants and left them laying in the garden. I've started putting the rain barrels away as I empty them. There won't be much watering required in the coming weeks.

Overall it was a pretty good weekend. More relaxing than productive. It was a great week - relaxing AND productive.

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Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

I really wish I had those temps! I figure I'll get a week of the middle of October and it will drop into the 50s and go down from there. LOL The color quilt looks good to me. You really put that idea into practice fast!