Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Very rough start

The week is off to a very rough start. 
Before Newton left for school, I was already vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. I needed to keep my mind and hands busy. 
Then we took a trip to the vet. Poor little Rocky had infections in both eyes. He couldn't keep them open and just wanted to be left alone.
And, since we're already here . . .
We'll just add insult to injury by updating his vaccines !!

Poor little guy, everyone was picking on him. He spent most of the day right there - on my bed. 
On a positive note, he did run outside with the big dogs, then he was done.
As the day rolled on, he wasn't feeling any better. Another dose of baby Benadryl and some Gatorade, he was feeling more himself on Tuesday morning. Enough so I could go to Bible study and he ate and drank on his own once I got home.

I did manage on Monday evening to finish sewing two of the Farm Girl Vintage blocks.

This is going to be such a happy quilt :)
I'm thinking about finishes. The book offers some suggestions and I have scraps leftover that need to be used up. Wheels are turning.

I didn't get much done on Tuesday. Once I got home from the Children's Bible study, I took the dogs out, came in and started working on dinner. I didn't have an opportunity to sew until later in the evening.

And of course, that wasn't working either. I'd made some mistakes on this block on Monday evening, so I spent Tuesday evening with Dancing With The Stars and my seam ripper taking apart what I'd just sewn. 
Once it was all unpicked, I set it aside. I'm going to try and finish this block on Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Some days, some weeks, are just that frustrating. I hope it's going better for you today!