Saturday, September 3, 2016

Thursday threats

We woke up to a very pleasant morning. Temperatures are only in the low 70s today, breezy, but the sky looked threatening.

 Honey Do checked in with work via emails. I spent that time continuing to cut 2.5 inch squares for 9-patches and pull fabrics from my stash for a couple of really simple quilts I had marked in the library book.

This design looks like giant snowballs. The size of the design should make it really quick to assemble. 

Some of my fabrics were fat quarter bundles sent to me in a scrap box. A good foundation and some of my favorite colors.

I love this color block idea. Again, another quick, simple quilt. 

Both of these have the potential for gifts for female "greats". Unless I like them so much I can't part with them. :) Those simple designs would make it easy to get at least one per month done and I would need an even dozen. Color would determine gender. Feminine is easy from my stash since I like floral prints and relatively bright colors. We'll see how it goes. There's no rush.

About mid-morning we took Rocky and went for a ride.

New destination - Wallace Lake


This is part of East Branch Rocky River



Thre afternoon was gorgeous.

I tried sitting outside with Honey Do after we got back, but the flies were biting me and I finally gave up and went back in the house and worked on more 9-patches.

I did my evening chores and tok the dogs out and ended up in the garden. It was time for some harvesting.

As you can see, the bowl was too small. I ended up using a 5-gallon bucket. I'm so blessed with more than enough to share. Good thing Mom is coming on Sunday to visit. I left one carrot that was blooming. I'll let the bloom go to seed and have them to plant next year.

Some progress was made on my UFO, the second autumn table runner.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

:) view from the hammock - yes, I took a few minutes :)


Allie-oops Designs said...

I like both those quilts - you'll have fun with those! That lake is stunning, what a treat, I would love to visit there. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Those quilts are very attractive, and all about color, while being pretty simple construction. Great idea to make them! Maybe the color squares for boys, because they don't care about patterns and do-dads, generally. =) Love your two starter packs of fabrics for them.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your day. Those falls are beautiful. They remind me of part of the falls on the Big Sioux River in Falls Park, downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Did Honey Do catch any fish?