Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend sewing

My weekend sewing began early Friday morning. Honey Do left for work and I started working on the roman shade. I purchased a kit and ran out of tape so it's on the back burner again.

The rest of the day was spent running errands. It's amazing how quickly they add up and how much time they consume. Not much gets accomplished in the afternoon. Newton and Honey Do are home within an hour of each other. Dinner plans were simple with minimal clean-up.

When I was finally able to work on something it was these broaches from a library book.


The wools are scraps from the block of the month last year. They were simploe to make. A couple will be share with BF for her birthday.

I added an extra project for my three-year-old preschoolers at Bible study. These "shakers" are made from medicine bottles that are half filled with rice. I took the juvenile print and pinked the edges. I used double sided tape to attach the fabric to the bottles. I gathered the ends together and tied with ribbon. The bottles all have child proof caps so there's no concern that they'll open. The fabric is so much more fun than orange plastic bottles.

Sundays are supposed to be my day to go to church and rest. More Sundays than not I go to church then come home and guiltily play catch up. I'm just not organized enough and fall into the temptation of "resting" during the week. So in between "resting" I did laundry. 

While doing laundry, I put the supplies from the broaches away, reorganized and put some quilt books I've collected away, some empty containers are stacked together for future use and found my UFO for this week's goal.

I spent the afternoon working on one of the Christmas PJs and more 9-patches.

I spent my evening working on my final goal for the week. Nothing like making it on the wire :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


Bev C said...

Hello Edith.

Love the Christmas PJ's. The broaches are very pretty. Good luck with the blocks.

Happy days.

Anonymous said...

What a busy weekend! Three year olds? Better you than I - my patience runs thin for groups of children these days. =) I'm so glad you did get some crafty time in, though!