Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How many of you borrow movies from you local library?  I get suggestions from BFF and if I've never seen a movie before, I always watch the "commercials" at the beginning of each film for new movies to watch that I may have forgotten about or missed altogether.

BFF recommended Winning Season.  The language is not great, but the movie over all was really good.  If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

I told you yesterday that Mom and Sister were visiting.  We had a very nice time and I got some really helpful suggestions for a project I'm going to be finishing in the very near future.

Anyway, Mom made this fantastic apple sheet cake with a crumble topping.  This is my favorite version of this cake and she made it special for me :)  

Yup, I'm spoiled and loved and I know it !!

So, today is MonTuesday !!

New word - just made it up - it means that it's the Tuesday following a Monday holiday.  It means that all the things you normally do on Monday -
changing sheets
are being done on Tuesday.

It also means that I will be off by one day every day this week and Friday will be here before I know it and inevitably I will forget to do something.

I got to spend some time on Pinterest this weekend.  I find a post about clean eating.  I did some checking and liked what I found.  I've already dropped some information on BFF and she also is interested.  So if you are interested in clean eating you can check Wendy out here.  She has some very good and real information to share with us.  And she's showing us how to eat healthier on a budget.  It can be done.  It just takes some planning and commitment on our parts.

Thanks for stopping by

Hope you had a good MonTuesday.


Wendyb said...

sounds like a great reason to be 'out of whack'! spending time with your Mum and sister.....yummy apple sheet cake...sounds delish! Popped on over to Wendy's ...going to try her strawberry ice cream....have all the ingredients and I think it will be a lovely treat!
xox sugary sweet hugs my friend <3

e said...

Imagine my surprise to "see" you again so soon. Thanks for your sweetness.