Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

What started out as an unmotivated, lazy day (for all about 30 minutes, anyway) has turned into a terrific day.

As you know, I spent yesterday with my sister working on a quilt top.  She admitted to starting one quite a few years ago.  She didn't finish it and claims that it's buried somewhere in her basement.  I told her I'd love to see it, but at this time she's not very willing.  Anyway . . .

I went to the basement to start my laundry.  While I was down there, I thought I should try and work on Beauty.  I have a plan for finishing - can picture it in my mind.  Executing it is another matter.  I tried to rush through some of the steps yesterday and let's just say that my inexperience is showing !!!  So I dropped back this morning and punted.

I original drew my potential idea on tear away stabilizer.  That worked ok.  It wasn't hard to draw or stitch.

The problem came later when I had to remove the stabilizer.  The initial tearing away was great, it was when I got into the stitches and the really small, tight places that was awful.  And of course, the stabilizer didn't come with any instructions and I didn't do any research before I started using it.  

And then I didn't like the end result.  At least not for this project.  I may cut these down and just use them to decorate some towels.

So about a week's worth of stitching won't be used on this project and I've dropped back and rethought my goals.  I've also come to some other conclusions:

First, I need to really stop and think through a project.  I don't have enough experience to just pick up an idea and run with it.  I waste time and resources.  The positive is that I am learning something from those experiences.  And that is definitely not a bad thing.  But I do have a lot to learn.

Second, several years ago Honey Do spent a good afternoon putting up shelves and helping me design my space.  No it's not pretty or fancy.  More importantly, he took the time to help, he did the labor and he put the love into making sure I had what I wanted and needed to help me be creative and productive.  

As I was working in "my" space I was ashamed for all the times I wanted something "better".  I have lots of room, lots of storage space, plenty of table space for cutting and laying out and sewing.  I don't have to move everything to a kitchen or dining room table that has to be cleaned up and put away or worried that a curious child will decide to figure out how it works and hurt himself or damage my machine.  If I run out of time, I can just close up shop and walk away.  When I have time later, I just have to pick up where I left off.  That makes me feel really special, loved and grateful for a man who cares that much about me.  I've decided I have the best space for me.

Thanks for stopping by

Wishing you a most creative day.


Anonymous said...

You do have a wonderful space! I've had everything from the dining table to a small room, to a huge room, to no room at all, and they all work, but space wins over no space, every time! =) You are learning a lot of things, and doing a great job of it. Your DH sounds like a keeper.

e said...

You always have the nicest things to say to me. Thank you. You are absolutely right - it's all perspective isn't it. And yes, HD is a definite keeper.

Wendyb said...

We've had EXACTLY the same experiences with tearaway in the past couple of weeks...how funny is that??? and yes....always a valuable lesson learnt in every trial...that's for sure! I ADORE your space.....I think we all want for something 'better'...the old saying.....grass is always greener..???!! Yes HunnyDo IS a keeper! xox big sugary smackeroos! xoxox :o)

e said...

Do people get any sweeter than you ?? I think NOT :) You are always so positive and encouraging. And you're right about greener grass - only we usually find out that it wasn't so green after all. I'm having alot of moments lately having to see I have enough and good enough for me. I really don't need more. Just to be grateful for what I do have and find satisfaction in that. Love and hugs back to you. :)